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Bonnie became a licensed cosmetologist in 2009. Her unrivaled energy and need for more knowledge led her to an assistant position to a master stylist for two years. 11 years later Bonnie is living her dream as the proud owner of The Top Knot Hair Salon located in Southern California. Opening in April 2019, she paved her own way into the beauty industry by creating hair in a space all her own, the results of her work can be seen in bridal publications, music videos, and on the movie screen. Specializing in color correction, balayage, and fashion forward hair styles, Bonnie is always learning new techniques and bringing the best possible results for each client.


Los Angeles based hairstylist, Julz Coda, is a salon owner and entrepreneur. Julz is the co-founder of Beyond Beauty School with business partner and fellow stylist, Liz Diaz.  And as a decorated award winning stylist, documentary film maker, and judge, Julz Coda is proud to include Investment Advisory to her list of talents; a ‘Julz of all trades’. From hosting LATE NIGHT WTF to photographing and writing for Estetica Magazine at Fashion Weeks. Julz also engages in her community outside of the beauty world, as an active lifestyle vlogger, and hosts podcast, ‘My Old Boobs Tried To Kill Me’.  A natural leader, Julz also mentors young stylists through “Beauty Changes Lives”


Shayna Passaretti career started in Design at University of Miami then she took her passion for design into the hair industry by studying hair under Vidal Sassoon Academy in London.

She then went on to landing her first job in Television designing for ABC news . Her first on the road job was on tour for television designing looks for Bar Rescue. Then that lead a career in Broadway designing for Phantom of the Opera ,Cinderella Etc. Soon after that she went on designing characters looks for directors as a Dept head hairstylist for films such as Honest Theif , I feel Pretty and Jungleland to name a few !


Making my clients feel amazing and building up other stylist in the Industry, that’s what it’s all about! I have spent 15 beautiful years in this industry to become a master stylist, educator and salon owner.  I specialize in custom blonding using multiple techniques and cutting naturally curly hair.


Stephanie Schindler is the owner of “The Color Lab” salon and has been behind the chair for almost 6 years now. She specializes in blonding and vivid colors. She is our go to girl for all hairstylists who are looking to open their own salon or just started one!


Sheena VanHook has been working behind the chair for 13 years. She is the owner of TruReflection Salon. Sheena has been coaching business skills and marketing to her team and other hairstylists in the industry through her one-on-one training and advising on Instagram. She specializes in hair extensions, balayage, and precision haircutting. Sheena is a busy mom of two children, cheering in the stands at swim meets and little league baseball. She is here to help thoughts struggling to manage wearing all the hats in business and life.

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